The Moralities of Supporting Immoral Leaders

With the election finally over and Biden being declared winner of the popular vote, I feel the urge to talk about the moralities of supporting leaders like Trump. What Trump attempted to pull, and is still attempting to pull in the wake of the election is unprecedented and I hope we can all take a few lessons from it and hopefully never elect someone of his stature again(I’m Canadian so I didn’t exactly take part in this but I hope America never does this again).

Moralities Versus Money

A lot of people that I’ve seen complaining about Biden have said things like “do you want to pay higher taxes?”, “do you want the government taking all your money”. To be frank, no I don’t, I don’t enjoy paying taxes or giving my money to the government to spend on god knows what but you know what I value more than money, people’s lives. When I see people complaining about Trump, they complain about bigotry, lying, inadequate leadership, the fact that he is a bully, embarrassing America as a country, supporting white supremacy , denying that the corona virus is an issue for months on end etc. The list goes on and the main difference between the two leaders is one is for progressive change, and the other has all of the morals and beliefs we don’t want in a leader(at least we shouldn’t want).

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I think at the end of the day, Trump supports need to factor in the lives of individuals more than their own money. Trump brought every bigot in America out of their hiding, and the divide that America experienced the past 4 years was detrimental in many ways. From the police brutality, to the abortion laws being passed across the states, electing Trump was 4 steps backwards for the States and society. I have high hopes that Biden will look to reverse some of the decisions Trump has made, he’s promised to combat the corona virus, rejoin the Paris Agreement, fight for equality across America etc. Leadership that is focused on science, fighting for the oppressed, and above all being a leader everyone can be proud of is crucial during these turbulent times.

Money isn’t everything

The main point I am trying to put across is that money isn’t everything. I understand that in America (all countries, but most of all in that states) money is the main driver behind everything that we do. It’s the promise of living the life you want to live, looking “beautiful”, having all the products you want etc. Money is what makes the world go round, it’s what drives most people to work hard. It is an endless pursuit where there is never enough. I am guilty of this pursuit, just like 99% of people I can concern myself with money a little too much sometimes . The important thing is to remind ourselves that there are things far greater than money in this world. We should vote for leaders that will bring prosperity to all, fight for equal rights, combat social issues like climate change, and uphold morals that are modern and progressive. I conclude that we should vote for whatever leaders presents this the best, not the leader that will the number in our bank account the highest.

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