Celebrities and Politics

Should celebrities voice their opinions in politics? This is a question I find I am asking myself as the 2020 US election is soon coming to a close. Similar to the 2016 election, there’s a lot of easy to identify, immoral practices going on with the 2020 election. Between the hacking of the election by Iran and potentially Russia, alongside the political turmoil that has plagued the country for the past decade and lack of faith in the system, it’s safe to say this election is a monumental one but also very uncertain.   The race is currently close, and the vote can swing any which way. External influences like a hack can easily manipulate the vote in favour of one party, but what about the influence of celebrities? Whether celebrities have an actual influence on the public perception of politics is another debate, but the question I’d like to address in this post is “Should celebrities voice their opinions on political matters, and in the event that they do, should we care?”

 Celebrity involvement in politics

Starting with the 2016 election, celebrity involvement in politics has become a more widespread and highly discussed topic. At the time, you had the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Switch and even talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres openly speaking about candidates and parties that they support and going so far as to encourage their followers to  join them in this support. On one hand, we have people criticizing celebrities for not using their voice to sway votes, Taylor Swift being a prime example of this. On the other hand, when celebrities do speak out in favour of a particular party/candidate, they get a ton of backlash from this. I think it’s safe to say that if Taylor were to speak out against Hilary, then those that initially apposed her would of sided with her and those that were sided with her would of complained about a celebrity speaking about politics. It’s all very hypocritical. I understand where the backlash comes from, but realistically should we really care about the political opinion of celebrities?

Hillary Clinton on Ellen DeGeneres before the 2016 ELection.

Celebrities Political Opinions

In our society we idolize and place celebrities on this unreachable pedestal and treat them like they are more enlightened than us. In reality, celebrities don’t know anything more about foreign affairs, economics and politics than you and I. Furthermore, their needs and wants don’t exactly match that of the average person in any given country. Should we really care what Ellen DeGeneres thinks about the political debate when she doesn’t have a background in politics and any policies implemented would most likely affect her differently than u?  I think moving forward, we should listen to what people have to say i.e. Ellen showed support for Hillary Clinton because she believes in what she was preaching and what she wanted tog et done. That’s fine, absorb that information and then as an individual further your research and make a decision based on what you feel. I think the biggest tragedy would be if someone completely based their voting decision because their favorite celebrity showed support for them. Then and only then, do I think we have an issue.

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